5 Reasons To Try Buddy Reading

This year Aiko and I started buddy reading. It is exactly what it is. Reading with a buddy. We started with Landline and then we sort of got addicted to it. For 2017 we even made a list of 12 books to buddy read each month, fingers crossed we can read every one of those books!

Here are 5 reasons why you should try buddy reading!

Ready, Set, Read!

First of all if you want to buddy read, you have to decide which book to read. And because you are not only reading for yourself, you have to discuss this with your friend. Aiko and I usually have a long list of what to read, and take 1-2 days (sometimes more!) to decide, just because we are picky and have lots of weird opinions.

The great thing about having another person reading with you is you have options that you may not have picked by yourself. Settle on a book and start reading!

Are you on chapter 3 yet?

Buddy reading teaches you patience. When you’re reading with someone, you may not have the same pace of reading. I’m pretty sure there were times Aiko felt I was reading too slow, and I felt she was reading too fast. That’s OK because we all have our own way of reading.

I love how buddy reading is sneakily teaching us to be patient of one another. If I was going too fast, then I would stop for a while and maybe take a look at the previous chapters again (to see if I’ve missed anything). If I was going too slow, well, after doing several buddy readings, my reading pace actually increased a little bit (and you know what that means, more books to read!).

What the hell is he thinking?

Have you ever read a book and started mumbling to yourself about how stupid a character is? Or have you ever swoon over a character but couldn’t really tell anyone about it as they wouldn’t have a clue who you were on about?

With buddy reading, you don’t have to keep all that to yourself. You can just tell your buddy how weird Count Dracula is, or how you think Willem de Ruiter (Just One Day/Just One Year) is not that cute in the beginning but you’re kinda into him now. You get to share your wild imaginations with a buddy that actually understands you, how cool is that!

No, I disagree with you

When reading with someone, you’re bound to have different opinions. Buddy reading allows you to exchange ideas, “argue” a little bit, have a discussion. It’s really one of the best thing about reading with a friend because it means you get two versions of opinions, and sometimes your friend’s opinion is something that you never even thought of.

Bonding time

I can truly say that buddy reading is one of the most productive and fun activity with your best friend. Not only do you get to talk more, you also get to know your friend in a whole new level. It sucks that Aiko and I don’t live in the same city, but this is actually all the more reason to do buddy reading as we get to connect with each other and be on the same page (literally!). I can imagine buddy reading with her within the same city, we would probably be those two annoying girls giggling or arguing in the corner of a coffee shop with books scattered on our tiny coffee table.

Have you ever done buddy reading? What do you like most about it?

Just a girl standing in front of a bookshelf, deciding what to read next.


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