About Us

Aggy and Aiko met in Jakarta as Sunday school teachers (where they weren’t actually friends cause Aggy thought Aiko was too stuck up). Through some weird coincidence, they met again (well, Aggy insisted on meeting and staying at Aiko’s flat) in Geneve, in which Aiko’s neighbour’s flat set on fire and through that strange ordeal, their friendship only grew stronger (awwww).

Soon enough they realized they share too many common interests. Like reading. Except they hardly ever like the same books.

Aggy likes contemporary romance. And any books with the love of love itself and food – like Chocolat by Joanne Harris. She also loves Khaled Hosseini’s books and wishes she could time travel to Afghanistan. Aggy has also recently taken interest in John Green’s books, like The Fault in Our Stars (where of course she cried her eyes out) and also Rainbow Rowell (funnily enough Eleanor & Park was introduced by Aiko, one of the very few books they have in common).

Aiko likes fairytale retellings. And sci-fi. Or a combination of both, like the Lunar Chronicles (which she’s trying to get Aggy to read, still) by Marissa Meyer or the Firebird series by Claudia Gray. She hates the fact that most of the books she likes come in series, though. She also likes poetry, and lately she’s been reading quite a lot of non-fiction.

Together Aggy and Aiko hopefully can review different genres of books. Some might be up your alley, some may not. They are also open to any reading suggestions, they like to be surprised.